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Patio Homes

Single-floor plans, homes with first floor master bedrooms and handicap- accessible homes provide attractive living choices for seniors and people who are disabled.


We offer a variety of traditional home designs and sizes (from approximately 1,400 to 3,400 square feet), rather than look-alike homes of all the same size. This attracts residents of different ages and household composition, including singles, couples, families with children and senior citizens. Some home styles that may be beneficial to you and your situation include:

Two-Story Homes

Two-story homes are available for those who want a larger home in a convenient village setting.

Accessory Apartments

Accessory apartments are permitted. This allows homeowners to have a separate apartment attached to their home, e.g. above the garage, to accommodate another family member such as a parent or a child.

Design of the Neighborhood, Not Just the House
  • Front porches, sidewalks and a community bocce court provide a variety of places for residents to interact with one another.

  • A homeowners association is responsible for cutting all lawns, removing snow from driveways and sidewalks, and maintaining the community public space such as the pond, fountain and community bocce court. This makes the community attractive for people who spend part of the year elsewhere.

  • Most of the garages are hidden from street view and located behind the houses. Many garages are accessed from a rear lane and others from shared driveways to reduce the amount of pavement in the community.

  • Design standards and architectural controls are in place to assure consistent quality of the architecture in the community.

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